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An Initiative by Neha to Empower Women Artisan's Creativity!!!

Bohemian Collection Boho

Vezoora Jewelry Boho Collection, Bohemian Jewelry designed by our Creative Director, Nehaaz. It was designed with nature inspired feel, yet elegant, something that would express the Bohemian style , wanderlust lifestyle, yet also maintain the chic of a more polished aesthetic. The product of this dream is our line of minimalist, boho-chic jewelry. Our pieces are made to add just a touch of splendor, to enrich you, but never to embellish. It is Vezoora’s belief that every woman is at her best when she has embraced her own unique style and natural beauty, and so our boho jewelry works to simply complement those things and help them shine brighter. Combination of the bohemian look and hand-made jewelry techniques attracted us and gave us the idea that bohemian jewelry that you may find in Vezoora will accomplish your boho-chic look and make it unforgettable. I don't want to just create boho-jewellery; I want to create little pieces of you. I want to fuel the hope & fire that burns within you. You inspire ME, and I hope to inspire you. I want to help you express that individuality you so fiercely hold. LOVE OUR BOHO-COLLECTION, BOHEMIAN JEWELRY- NEHAAZ
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Unique, bohemian chic jewelry, inspired by a lifetime of travel and endless daydreaming. Handmade in our creative Boho studios. Our designs are based on layering and stacking and encourage the creation of unique styles with exotic roots. We love that women can mix and match bracelets, rings of different shapes, sizes, colors and texture, using their imaginations and creativity to create a truly unique and individual look. Vezoora Bohemian (BOHO) Jewelry with all interesting rock & stone cuts set in sterling silver & brass.

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